The IQAC of the college started functioning in 2008 immediately after the first cycle of accreditation and  plays a crucial role in formulating policies and strategies for the overall quality enhancement of the institution within the purview of the Rules and Regulations of the Government of Kerala and Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.  The Cell is convened frequently to discuss the strategies, evaluate the performance, and monitor the functioning of the College for the overall quality betterment.


  1. Dr. Roy Scaria, Associate Professor in charge of Principal and Chairperson (Mob.8304079505)
  2. Dr. Sobhi Daniel, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Coordinator in Charge)
  3. Dr. Babitha Mathews, Assistant Professor of Physical Education
  4. Sri. Pushparajan M.M,  Assistant Professor of political Science
  5. Ms. Kochurani Joseph, Assistant Professor of English
  6. Dr. Gisha George, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  7. Sri Sunilkumar P.V, Assistant Professor of Malayalam
  8. Sri. Joji Mathew, Assistant Professor of Commerce
  9. Ms. Ebsy N.J, Assistant Professor of Economics
  10. Sri. Sujithkumar M.C, Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
  11. Dr. Sudakshina B, Assistant Professor of Physics
  12. Sri. Nirmal Sabu, Assistant Professor of Commerce
  13. Ms. Jayasree C.M, Senior Superintendent
  14. Dr. K. Prasanna, Prof. of  Economics and Principal Retd. (External Expert)
  15. Dr N Shaji, Prof. of Physics and Principal Retd. (External Expert)
  16. Kumari Pooja Raj, M.Sc Chemistry (Student Representative)
  17. Sri. Abhishek P. Joseph,  M.Com (Student Representative)

Coordinator in charge – Dr. Sobhi Daniel, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Mob. 9495458856


IQAC Minitues                         Annual Action Plans and Achievements