T.M Jacob Memorial Government College Manimalakunnu engages in a process of self and community reflection that would prompt us to recognize and amplify awareness of the core values that we have been practicing and articulating. We earnestly try to find agreement about those values and develop institutional mechanisms and culture which make us accountable to those values. The institution has been functioning  in comply with;

  1. Rules and regulations of Mahatma Gandhi University.
  2. Government of Kerala and
  3. University Grants Commission.


 All Students of this college should possess Identity Cards duly signed by the Principal.

  1. Absence without leave for part of a day will entail forfeiture of attendance for the whole day.
  2. Students who are absent from the college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation are liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls.
  3. Ragging of any kind is very seriously dealt with and those students who break the code of conduct will be immediately handed over to the authorities concerned.
  4. Students who are obliged to leave a class owing to indisposition must obtain endorsement from the teacher in-charge of the class in support of their application for leave.
  5. The minimum attendance stipulated by the University is 75% of the total number of working days of the academic year.  Exemption from shortage of attendance (subject to the maximum of 20 days) can be granted by the Syndicate on the recommendation of Principal, provided, leave is applied for and granted for such absence on satisfactory grounds.
  6. Duty leave for physical education activities will be granted only to athletes representing the College or the University in various matches, tournaments and sports activities.
  7. Students deputed to participate in matches, tournaments and sports events, should submit his/her leave application duly recommended by the Physical Director to the Head of the Departments (Main subject) for necessary action not later than one week after the event.
  8. The maximum period for which duty leave can be granted to a student for sports and athletic activities is limited to 10% of the total number of working days.
  9. Students who leave the College are advised to claim the refund of Caution Deposit at the earliest, as unclaimed Caution Deposits will otherwise be lapsed after a specific period.
  10. Those students who wish to discontinue their studies should intimate to whom so ever concerned at the end of a term or at any rate before the commencement of the succeeding term.
  11. Every student should be properly dressed.
  12. All students are expected to greet the teachers as part of general demeanor.
  13. No student shall be allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the class is dismissed.
  14. Any student, who is persistently insubordinate, who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, who is guilty of fraudulent or malpractice in connection with examinations or who, in the opinion of the Principal, is likely to have an unwholesome influence on his fellow students shall be removed from the rolls. The removal shall be either temporary or permanent according to the gravity of the offence.
  15. Students are expected to keep the college campus clean and tidy by leaving the waste materials in the waste bins of the campus and abstain from disfiguring the walls by sticking notices or scribbling.
  16. The students are prohibited from spitting in open spaces or indulging in other similar uncivil acts.
  17. The students of this institution are responsible to protect and preserve the buildings and not supposed to cause any kind of damages such as denting, destroying, removing, injuring, altering, defacing, or misusing all of which will be considered as serious punishable offence.
  18. Students of the institution are expected to conduct themselves in the best standards of etiquette within and outside the College.
  19. Students should maintain adequate silence in the college premises during class hours.