Research Ethics

Plagiarism Policy of T. M. Jacob Memorial Govt. College, Manimalakunnu.

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Plagiarism is unreferenced use of other authors’ material in dissertations and is a serious academic offence and the college will take steps to eliminate that. All UG and PG students are required to submit their project reports for plagiarism check.

Guidelines for Plagiarism Checking (as per MG University guidelines)

  1. Submit the application in the specified format duly signed by the Supervisor/Guide.
  2.  Submit the project reports in pdf OR doc format only (as a single file) at the Documentation section of the College Library.
  3. A certificate on the plagiarism check will be issued only on the next day of submission of the completed application.
  4. Bring a CD or pen-drive to copy the detailed plagiarism report, if needed.
  5.  The maximum percentage of plagiarism to be waived in PG and UG project reports shall be 20%o or below.
  6.  In the case of Ph.D. Theses, plagiarism check will be done at the University level.
  7. In the case of programmes such as Malayalam in which plagiarism checking software is not available the candidate has to submit a declaration countersigned by the Supervisor/Guide.
  8. The application form for the plagiarism check is attached as an appendix.


Download application for Plagiarism check