The college has an established system and procedure for maintaining and utilizing physical and academic facilities. Being a government institution, Director, Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala owns the properties of the college. The maintenance of buildings and electrical facilities is done by the Public Works Department of the state. In all other cases, the College Council, the prime administrative body, takes decisions on how the funds sanctioned can be utilized for satisfying requirements of all departments ensuring the optimum use of funds.

The following points may be highlighted

  1. Kerala Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for maintaining the existing buildings.
  2. Government rules are applicable for modifying and maintaining such facilities.
  3. The principal who is in immediate charge of the college submits proposals for maintenance work to be undertaken by the PWD. The principal submits such proposals based on the discussion and decisions of the college council.
  4. The Head of each department is responsible for the upkeep of facilities provided to them and to submit proposals for maintenance and replacement of assets to the principal.
  5. Minor plumbing and electrical works are undertaken by the college PTA.
  6. The Government has appointed sufficient supporting staff, each of them is assigned a time-bound duty to facilitate the smooth functioning of classrooms (opening, closing, and cleaning of classrooms and other facilities).
  7. Assistants are appointed in the Laboratories to assist faculty and students to use them effectively and efficiently.
  8. Assistants are appointed in the library also to facilitate its smooth functioning.
  9. Faculty members effectively in charge of Computer labs and language lab facilitate and monitor its functioning.
  10. All the major instruments are calibrated by the manufacturer first and later by relevant technicians depending upon requirements.
  11. All the major equipment is purchased under the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for at least three years.
  12. The computers are connected through UPS. Air conditioners are serviced as and when required using PTA funds. The college seeks services of local distributors for computer parts and accessories.
  13. Chairs, desks, and benches are repaired using the PTA funds.
  14. To ensure the supply of water without any interruption, water tanks including an intermediate pumping system is constructed and fibre tanks are used.
  15. To rectify the problems due to voltage fluctuations, stabilizers and UPS are installed at necessary points as far as possible.
  16. The working time of classrooms and the library is scheduled based on UGC guidelines, government rules, and area-specific characteristics of the institution.
  17. In order to monitor the punctuality of teaching and non-teaching staff, biometric punching has been introduced.