Distinctive Vision

Education with human values, Nature Consciousness and Social Commitment

As a college with majority of students from rural, agrarian and socio economically backward background, the institution gets a unique grass root level cross section of the society. We take it as a very positive input and try to mould them as competent executors of future. Along with imparting knowledge and theoretical ideas, we believe they can be benefitted more by the capability to take initiative and practical wisdom to act out. Our vision is to bring out a set of efficient students who have balanced potential in intellectual, emotional, humanitarian and societal concerns.

Our college tries to inculcate in our students some values, which are gradually eroding from the contemporary youth. Mostly educated from rural schools they can be trained to these practical values and skills when the whole system in the campus provides the ambience. Sublime and noble human values are fast eroding in the modern world of self centeredness. Compassion for the fellow human beings, sense of brotherhood, and empathy towards the disadvantaged are to be fostered in the young minds. The college considers empowering and enlightening the students with life skills and humane values is the most important responsibility.

To foster a humane attitude in the students many programmes are conducted every year. The following are the highlights.

  1. Blood donation camps
  2. Blood cell donation campaign
  3. Raising treatment assistant funds to help the needy students
  4. Friday Meals Programme.

The student community headed by the college union collects food from the students once in a week, on Fridays, and takes it upon themselves to provide midday meal to the nearby hospital.

These programmes not just nurture the humane aspect but a societal commitment too. In a time when the youth are becoming more and more self oriented and driven only by economic goals, diverting the focus to socially productive services is very important. With his kind of training students will be able to identify, address and act according to the needs of the society. Humane sentiments and social commitment are two sides of an able citizen. This is the awareness that our students imbibe from all the ventures that we initiate.

Being responsive to nature is another quality that our students are initiated into. The agrarian background of the students and the landscape of the college very much suits and nourishes our nature consciousness. Considering the location and plot of the campus, green campus is the best name that we can call it. With some effort from the staff, students and different clubs we are trying to change the campus to a spot of unique biodiversity. We keep the natural  ecosystem intact and add on to it with organic farming and different type of fruit bearing trees so that it becomes a well maintained natural habitat for all living beings.

We believe that humane values, social commitment and sensitivity towards nature can enrich the youngsters in the process of empowering them with knowledge and skills.